The Irish Love Affair with Poker

If you like a flutter or two you’ll be pleased to know that poker is completely legal in Ireland. In fact, gambling as a whole has gone hand-in-hand with the Irish people for many decades, with poker legislation finally coming into play in 1956. This legislation aimed to clean up the game for casino players, ensuring that rules were in place to keep betting fair, hampering the possibility of the game being outlawed. While betting on football and horse racing is still the preference for Irish people, casino wagering has continued to go strength to strength, helped in part by the lack of taxation on the game.

No Personal Taxation

While both physical and online casinos are required to pay taxes to the Irish government to operate in the country, there is no personal tax charged to individual bettors. This is known as Rake Free Poker. If you win a hand, you’ll receive 100% of your stake and winnings. This has undoubtedly added to the appeal of the game in the country, with 14 physical casinos and countless online casinos operating in Ireland. The majority of physical casinos can be found around the Dublin area, where no bustling night out in the city would be complete without a hand or two.

Finding Your Perfect Poker Site

Many players look online to find their perfect poker site, and who could blame them? There are so many places out there that offer fantastic poker tournaments with buy-ins to suit all budgets. Some sites even offer promotions to tempt you to play. Betting online simplifies the poker experience, which is ideal for newcomers who can learn their betting strategies without the gaze of more experienced players. With Ireland having an ever increasing number of new players surfacing online, who knows when the next Dermot Blain will emerge and take the crown as top Irish poker star?