The Best Hiking Trails in Ireland

Ireland boasts stunning natural beauty complemented by intriguing culture. There is a lot that Ireland has to offer from Mother Nature’s diverse gifts. Besides the great scenery, rich history and ancient paths, Ireland has some of the wildest hiking and walking trails. Hiking in this destination will allow hikers to test their fitness, enjoy the beauty of the local environment, and learn about local culture. According to the National Geographic channel, Ireland is among the top five hiking and walking destinations in the world. Ireland has gentle hikes for rambling along and majestic mountain ranges for invigorating climbs, such as MacGillycuddy’s Reeks in County Kerry. Hikers in Ireland will be impressed and refreshed by the lush scenery of the “Emerald Isle”.

The Causeway Coast Way and Divis Ridge Trail

The Giant’s Causeway hike is a unique geological masterpiece with a 33-mile walk. It is located on the edge of the Antrim Plateau on the coast Northern Ireland. It’s an enormous area, featuring interlocking basalt columns formed by volcanic activity, which took place 60 million years ago. UNESCO has named the Giant’s Causeway a World Heritage site. Hiking in this location challenges stamina and endurance while offering a treat for the eyes. The Divis Ridge Trail situated in the Belfast Hills is among the easiest of the Divis hike trails, with a pretty tough summit. The Divis Ridge Trail has an incredible view over Northern Ireland’s capital and there is an excellent viewpoint, from which the Mourne Mountains of Scotland and the Isle of Man can be glimpsed.

The Grandeur of Glendalough

Located in Wicklow Mountains National Park, County Wicklow, Glendalough trail is in an area of 20,000 hectares of spectacular scenery. You will find many crossroads intersecting the paths. The most famous hikes you can explore in Glendalough are the Wicklow Way and the Avonmore Way. The latter takes its name from the picturesque Avonmore River. The Wicklow Way, on the other hand, will take you to the highest point located at White Hill, after which a descent brings hikers to a breath-taking view of Lough Tay. This path stretches over 81 miles and proves difficult for beginner hikers. For hikers out for a short saunter in lush green valleys or seasoned hikers looking to increase endurance, there is a wealth of stunning trails for hiking trips in Ireland.